SistaahGurl: A girl or woman who shares a common allegiance, character or purpose with other women or girls in a sisterly fashion.

The Company

Sistaah Gurlfriend Productions has been instrumental in many creative endeavors for those in need of directing, production and writing services. The overall goal of the company is to collaborate with like minded individuals to simply create amazing content.

What do Sistaah Gurls do?

On the production side, the company has delivered creative content from web series, short films, corporate videos, sizzle reels, trailers and other content. On the collaborative side, writing and producing projects have been conceptualized and delivered, often times from conception to completion.

How do Sistaah Gurls do it?

Sistaah Gurlfriend Productions has many established relationships in the entertainment industry.  Utilizing contacts and relationships, we assemble the right production teams in order to effectively get creative projects done. Our projects are staffed with top-notch industry professionals from cameramen to craft service professionals. Our rates are reasonable, and we do all we can to work within your budget. We hope you will consider our services and contact us with your project needs.