Making It In Hollywood

A Comprehensive Guide to Cracking the Hollywood Code
and Launching Your Career.

Hollywood 101: There's an old Hollywood adage that an overnight success takes...around ten years. Most people with big aspirations believe the fairy-tale version: It's all about luck.

How lucky do you feel? Would you bank on it?

People ask: How do I break into Hollywood? How do I get work? How do I meet the right people?

Itís all right here. In 50 powerful, straight-talking, no-bull TIPS that you can start using today.

Being lucky helps. But being prepared is smarter.

Hint: TIP #39
Memorize this before your next meeting or phone call.
Fail to do this and watch yourself
get eliminated from the pack...every time.

"50 Tips: Making it in Hollywood" is the smarter, faster approach. It's a fat-free, hype-free, hit-the-ground-running list of strategies to get your foot in the door, get your ideas in front of the right people...and get the right people to notice you.

Television writer-producer Stacey Mc Clain from the hit series The Parkers and the television feature Hidden Blessings, has written an indispensable tool for those serious...really serious...about breaking in.


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Inside the Book

TIP #18: This tip is for the very brave and the very bold...but your phone will never stop ringing.

TIP #29: If you do nothing else, do this! This tip will immediately put you on the inside fast-track.

TIP #13: What's the most effective way to parlay an entry level position to your advantage? 75% get this wrong.

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